The Big Crumble

Once upon a time, in a faraway land; there lived an inventor by the name of Bob. He was quite wealthy, as inventors go, for early in his career he had invented several tools which could be used to attain alignment with the up dimension: including one that forever-after bore his name: the plumb-bob. Bob

Refurbishing Monogamy

In the previous post I detailed the pros and cons of monogamy. Despite its many downsides, it is not something that we can simply abandon: not and remain competitive with those who retain it. To do something about its problems while staying in the game we must needs either replace it with something that provides

Monogamy Has Its Problems

When the first human tribe incorporated the idea of monogamous marriage into their belief system, it gave them advantage over their less-sophisticated brethren, though this came at quite a cost. Here’s how I see the pros and cons of monogamy: The Good Male Investment. Lots of male investment. The eighty-percent of the male population that

A Strike for Voxiversity

Vox Day misses the head of the nail in his latest Voxiversity video, when he asserts that the replication problem in science is due to lack of honest Christians. The problem is lack of viewpoint diversity, or more fundamentally, the lack of understanding that such diversity is necessary for science to work. Christians could provide

Gnon Requires Sacrifice

An under-appreciated fact: the average child is born with perhaps a hundred new mutations. Most of these will have no noticeable effect, a few will cause some harm, and only very rarely will one actually prove helpful. The net effect is a small decrease in fitness. This means that children will, on average, be less

Memetic Evolution Begins

Before our ancestors developed a language capable of communicating a complex belief system, their actions were driven by instinct, as modified by self-generated beliefs. In this state, evolution was acting upon them at a purely genetic level, and it had them stuck in in a bit of a bind: it did not allow for male

First post mortem

It is no secret that Western Civilization is failing. A lot has been written about the causes, with the consensus among many thinkers being that a loss of belief in its founding religion, Christianity, has played a considerable role. While I am not, myself, a believer; I do think that view has a lot going